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NAMM 2006

Moser Custom Shop Booth Pictures

(If there are missing or misspelled names, I apologize, I will correct them as soon as I have the correct info)


Kris Moser polishing a Siren during the booth setup.
Kris Moser and Neal Moser Jr. on load-in day.


Earlleen Lloyd-Moser owner of Moser Custom Shop LLC
The left side of the booth displayed our handmade guitars. The right side of the booth displayed import guitars.


Paull Wulffson our Import Sales Manager doing a little final polishing and arrangement.
Earlleen and Paull, "management and sales".


Left picture: Our "center piece" was Dan Fastuca's poster and his new design the Starblazer on the center right. We also featured his Faststar design on the center left. Our new Moser V on the far left and the Siren on the far right. Right picture: Our handmade lineup. Man, I love the wood on that SS T (front right).


I sold this guitar before it was built. If I'd built it first, I might not have sold it. Stunning Black Limba.
(Owner: Neil Blackwood).
Bastard V #1. Maple neck-thru with a 5A quilt Maple cap, Cocobolo stringers and headstock cap and Walnut wings. (Owner: Jim Aspinall)


Prototype Templar Reaper. (Mine) Designed by Chris Rapier. (CJReaper)
Templar Scythe Bass #1 Owner: Alex Dresser.


MR-5 #1 Owner and designer: Mark Rathke
Hand made Wraith neck-thru #1 (Mine)


Moser Custom Shop Faststar #1 Designer: Dan Fastuca.
Moser Custom Shop Starblazer #1 Owner and Designer: Dan Fastuca.


Moser Custom Shop SS ST neck-thru #1 Owner: David Larson
Lamination work by Ken Patin, built by Neal Moser


Michael Vangerov Model. Mike is the guitarist for "Liquid Blue". Owner and designer: Michael Vangerov.


Templar Scythe. Owner: Len Goldschmidt.
This is our NEW "Batwing" headstock.
Friends at the NAMM Show


Alex Dresser with his Templar Scythe Bass #1
Kenny Link is your local SOUTHERN CAL MCS dealer.


Ronz with his NEW MCS 25th Anniversary Bich Proto Model Series 10 String #1. Thanks for the Kilt Ronz. I promise you'll see a pic sometime soon.
Eric, Black Label Society CREW. Dan Fastuca presented this MCS Spawn import to Eric for his birthday. This model is no longer offered by MCS, so these will be VERY RARE.


Seagull Slinger. One of our local musicians and a Shredderite.
Dan Fastuca signing a poster for Alex Dresser.


Dan Fastuca shredding at the NADY booth. Great guitar design Dan, I love it.
Dan and Tina Fastuca. Thanks for all your hard work Dan, you DA MAN.


Earlleen and Neal Jr.
Add ME.


Me and Dan tryin' to look serious.
Me and Dan candid camera.


Kris talking to Simon, the lead guitarist for Trapt. Kris was Simon's guitar tech on two of Trapt's tours.
Kris Moser, Neal Moser Jr. and Dad. Poor kids were doomed from the beginning to be luthiers. They're both excellent musicians as well.


Fastuca and Faststar. A deadly team.
Me and KK Martin. KK is one of those RARE guitarists who can make a guitar talk while playing less notes rather than more.


Dan, Me, Kris and Simon.
Everyone has certain people they highly respect, this gentleman is one of mine. Dan Erlewine, head luthier at StewMac.


David Larson with his NEW MCS SS ST.
My old and dear friend Steve Hunter. Steve has played with many major name bands such as Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Mitch Ryder.......and many more.


Len Goldschmidt with his NEW Templar Scythe.
John Ceccinni runs Kahler USA "On Line".


Chas & Mom enjoying the show.
Dario (DC) checking out the custom Templar Scythe, the only guitar we had for sale in the booth. It was sold by the end of the show.


Leslie, David, Rob.
Ed Supple, another one of my old friends from the early BCR days.


Clammy & Dan
Neal Jr., Kris & Andrew. Andrew is Neal Jr.'s guitarists. (Plays MCS import Siren #1)


David & Dan
Ronz & Dan


I know Dan, it's a hard job, but someone has to do it.
Neal Jr. My son the clown. He was actually studying to be a professional clown at one time, but music and guitar building got in the way. He would have made a great clown as well.


Earl & Dan
Alex & Dan


Dan, Me and John Nady. I love this pic.
Martin Evans. Martin was a BC Rich employee during the time I was involved with BCR. A little known fact is that Martin is the designer of the BC Rich Wave guitar. Because he was an employee he received NO recognition for his design.


I think Ronz is VERY happy he finally has his PMS #1
Kris, Neal Jr. Me and Marty.


Dan & Tina Fastuca
Pete Emms from the "Vaseline Rats", a band out of the UK. The Vaseline Rats will be backing Al Atkins (ex Judas Priest) on his up coming US and European tours.


Dan, Tina and the BLS guys messing around.
I had to get in on it.


Me and Lee Jackson. Lee worked at BCR for a while before starting Lee Jackson Amplifiers.
Tina Fastuca, Kim Lawrence and Earlleen Lloyd-Moser


Kris and Dan Lawrence.
Me, Dan and Ken Smith. Ken was the "other guitarists" in my classic rock band.


Bob Heft, a local musician and close friend. We both played the same country circuit for many years.
Me and Jorge Pesaye. Jorge is a fine luthier who runs a guitar building shop. (Down South). ;-)
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