Spawn Prototype

The Spawn is no longer available as an MCS model.

Designed and Owned by Neal Moser
The inspiration for this design was the Brian Hoffman/Neal Moser designed Beastmaster.

This Spawn shape has been discontinued and is not available as an MCS model.

There are a few unusual things about this guitar. When I built it I knew it was going to be mine, so I built it with some unique specs.
1. It has custom wound pickups hand made by Peter Biltoft.
2. It has a dead flat finger board.
3. I used Corian as the nut material because I wanted a black nut.
4. It has custom electronics which I'll explain later.
5. It has a NEW Kahler 2300 flat mount trem system.



I actually have 3 variations of the "Batwing" headstock. This is the middle variation.
Black Corian nut and engraved Spawn truss rod cover. Khaler locking clamp.





The switch below the pickup is the booster on-off. The switch just behind it is a normal boost/treble boost on-off. Pickup selector switch, volume and the last knob is a varitone rotary switch.
Brian Hoffman signature "Crown" inlay.


Hand made and hand inlaid MCS tribal "M" logo inlay. Corian nut.
New Kahler 2300 flat mount trem.
Peter Biltoft custom wound totally hand made pickups. (Really nice, thanks Pete).



Grover Super Rotomatics with the Imperial head.
Inlaid engraved pearl information plate.
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