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Forum Friends


We've decided to add this "Map Section" to this link to show where everyone on the Shredder is located. Due to the size of the map, I think in some locations one flag may have to indicate more than one person.
OK, we've got the map up and now Earlleen is going to go through ALL the Shredder names and locations and put the flags on the map. (That should take her a while). :-)


This is a basic overall view of the majority of the Shredder members.
Canada, USA and then there's Eddiewarlock down there in South America.


Europe and the Middle East. See the two flags up top, that's "RONZWORLD"
Then there's MDK (Nik) way down under in Australia. There are many more Shredderites, but we're still trying to get locations nailed down.


RSM    Rodney.    San Fernando Valley, California     
You're giving me how many free basses?
This is Rodney in his true form.
email: rsm121470@dslextreme.com
CLAMMY    Ottawa, Canada. The bassist for EXCITER and Chaos Incorporated.
Clammy is also MCSs first endorser.
Cheers Clammy


DISSOLUTION    Karl.  Portland
Oregon. Karl, thanks for all your time and effort.
 DINO  Ottawa, Canada   Bassist for  
PaLE A.D.    Nice Eagle    www.pale-ad.com


BILL SCHWENKE   Minnesota.  Bill was the first
guy I talked to on the BC Rich forum. A nice guy and good friend.
TAKANORI TERADA   My good friend in Japan. He's the administrator of the BC Rich Maniacs site. He's holding 25th Anniversary Bich 10 string #7. Thanks for everything Taka-san.


TOM TULOTTA, one of the first guys I corresponded with on the internet.
Nice double and check out that Eagle on the wall. Great quilt. Thanks Tom.

NECKTHRUWARLOCK on the Shredder. TOM MALONE of Ventura CA.
We met up in Old Town for a bite of lunch. We had a great time. Nice guy.



YAVCON    Ken Patin, Massachusettes. This is Ken doing a little fret work at MCS. Ken is a valued member of the MCS team.     www.yavcon.com
Blackacid   Rob, Indianapolis, IN. Rob says that over exposed viewings of his pic has been known to cause insanity.    www.signsofdecay.com
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