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This is my Father, Carroll Moser, he passed away when I was 30.
If you have read the begining of the BOOK then you will know that the Rich Bich may not have ever come to pass if he hadn't helped me convert that Gibson B-25 Natural acoustic into a 12 string.
This is my Mother, Willa Moser,
still kicking and very cool in her late 80s.
I would not have made it this far without her help.


My wife Earlleen, the only one I would want to go through life with. She IS the BEST.
Earlleen in one of her favorite elements,
the Beach. She is a major ROCK hound.


Me and Earlleen at the Coconut Teaser, a local Hollywood "pay to play" dive.
Kris                                       Neal Jr.  
My Boys, both excelent musicians and guitar techs.


              My Mom     Neal Jr.     Me    Earlleen
                               Thanksgiving 2002
Me and Earlleen (the love of my life)
Thanksgiving 2002